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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialty is any quantity, any size always available withing a same day or next day time frame. Typically our standard turnaound time is 2 - 3 working days for most orders, but keep in mind that same day / Next day 24 hour turnaround is always available. Rush fees apply.
We prefer and recomend that PDF files should be provided. Regardless, any file compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator: PSD, PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG. Files should be 300 dpi (resolution), CMYK (color format). Leave 1/8" around entire artwork for bleed (cutting). For example if you are printing a 4x6 file, you must provide us with a 4.25 x 6.25 file.

Only upon request, do we provide e-proofs or printed proofs. Our standard procedure is that we do not provide proofs. The understanding is that files will print EXACTLY as provided, that customers cannot make any changes once order is placed. Customers also assume all responsibility for typographical errors.

If proofs are provide, they are given so that customers can make sure the files are in-tact, and that nothing has shifted or changed since artworkwas submitted. Color is never ever guaranteed due to the nature of our workflow. Printed proofs fees will be added to job.

All orders are paid for in full in advance. Please provide a credit card when placing an order. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount immediately. All orders need to paid in full before any work can be performed.

We commonly use coated stocks for most products, however uncoated stocks are always available. All of our stocks are manufactured using post-consumer or recycled materials. Keep in mind that when printing DIGITAL vs OFFSET, your paper options are much bigger to choose from. We invite our customers to come at least once to our shop in order to have a better idea of what range of paper stocks are available to choose from. For more information on our environmentally friendly print approach visit the GREEN PRODUCTS section of our website.

Indieprinting.com has been a leader in sustainability - we offer a wide range of paper stocks that are 100% sourced from recycled paper, paper made from HEMP as well as paper we directly import from Colombian made from 100% sugar cane fiber.

When it comes to printing on paper, we offer two print methods to choose from, Digital toner based printing and Offset soy based ink printing. Each technology offers amazing quality, advantages and disadvantages.

Digital print technologies allows for short-run printing of many products, which prior to this technology, were not available in such low quantities. Print products such as booklets and perfect bound books. Digital pritning is also great for same day or next day printing. Another advantage of digital pritning is the ability to print on a wide range of paper stocks. This flexibility is also an advantage for many designers that are always challenging their creativity. Textured papers, uncoated finishes and colored card stocks are some of the design elements that digital printing offer graphic designers. Typically, digital flat pieces max out at 2500 quantities depending on size and paper, before it makes more sense economically to print offset.

Offset, soy based ink printing, is also commonly known as lithography which is the term most utlized in commercial printing. Offset printing is the highest print quality available and its the prefered print method for large print runs of most jobs. Magazines, booklets, books, posters, fliers and brochures that print in quanties of 2500 or greater usually print on our offset machines. Offset printing limits our paper stock options that are available. Paper stocks tend to be mostly coated paper stocks ranging from 70lb gloss book to 16pt gloss coated cardstock.

If in doubt which option is the best for you, please ask any of our customer services representatives for advice. We also, alsways invite you to visit our shop and our showroom is full of various print options

We have 3 different type of printing capabilities: 1. Offset (large runs and limited in paper options) 2. Digital (many paper options, short runs and fast turnaround times)3. Large Format (Short run, Ink Jet and the ideal option for vinyl and banner printing) By utilizing all 3 printing formats we are able to print large and small quantities of virtually any printed product.
We also offer letterpress, Silk Screen, 1-color PMS or 2-color PMS printing. Depending on quantities, we can also print on newspaper stock.
We are able to print up to 7 processed colors including metallic inks, florescent inks, and spot colors or pantones. We offer Matte UV, Glossy UV, and Aquoes coatings.

Indie Printing is open Monday - Friday from 9am until 8pm. You may pick up your order during those hours and days.

We can ship anywhere in the continental US with our preferred carriers, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Shipping deadlines vary, if your job is a rush and requires to be shipped to meet an east coast deadline, please call us to inquire cut off time.
We have a fleet of Prius vehicles dedicated to our local delivery service. We can deliver to any address in LA county, Orange County, and Riverside County.
We do not have a prefered courier, but many of our customers utilize a wide range of courier services. If you would like to have your job picked up via messenger service, please make sure to notify us. We can also arrange for a messenger or courier to pick up and deliver your job. Any courier or messenger fees will be added to your invoice.
In case you have a large print order that requires multiple delivery, shipping and pick up destinations, we have the fulfillment capabilities to execute these type of orders. Feel free to reach out to us in case your order has this type of logistical demand. Boxing, labeling and processing these type of orders add to the production time. Please inform us at the time of ordering that we will be split shipping/deliverying the order.

When it comes to digital printing, graphic designers take advantage of the many finishes, textures and coatings available with this print method.

Matte and uncoated papers - We offer a wide range of text and cover stocks that are matte and opaque in finishing. These paper options coupled with our digital matte finishing, allows designers to maintain a true matte finish. Sometimes print items tend to be displayed in areas of direct light, coatings allow for these printed pieces to become reflective, hence a mirror more than a printed piece. Besides matte digital, we also offer a semi-gloss toner option. All digital print jobs print semi-gloss by default.

Gloss coated and coated - When paper is manufactured, coatings are applied to the surfaces to get a gloss coated or semi-gloss look. The other purpose for coating paper is to achieve a smooth surface. We also offer a wide range of text and cardstock paper options available.

Offset printing provides 2 standard paper options, 14pt gloss coated cardstock and 100lb gloss book text weight paper stock. Having these standard paper options we can create size and quantities with fixed pricing. Minimum offet quantities begin at 500 and can scale into the thounsands.

In the event that clients wish to print on any other paper stock, we can quote offset printing on any other paper stock. This situation is ideal for clients that are printing large quantities and have the budget to explore their own print run.

When it comes to both Digital and Offset, we offer ample eco-friendly, non-tree paper, and recycled paper options. We offer 100% recycled paper, paper manufactured from a weed, HEMP and we import from Colombia, paper made from the fibers of sugar cane. These sheets are available for digital and in some cases for offset printing.

Our prefered file format is PDF. Although we can take PSD, AI, EPS and TIFF file formats, we highly recommend you provide us with PDF's.

We will only print files provided at 300dpi.

When it comes to digital printing, we can print both RGB and CMYK files. Keep in mind, that we do not guarantee colors due to the nature of our print technologies. Offset printing me require that all files are provided in CMYK color mode.

All jobs must be paid for in full when the order is approved for printing. No job will be allowed to print until payment has been secured.

For large files please use 2 options:

1) FTP: ftp.indieprinting.com (link for instructions) ftp.indieprinting.com is the address. No user name or password is needed. The server will not allow a folder to be uploaded, so you either have to archive the file as a "Zip or Stuff it" file, or just upload an actual document. Please e-mail files@indieprinting.com or call 213.745.6395 once the file is completely uploaded.

2) IndiePrinting's WeTransfer Channel indieprinting.wetransfer.com We recommend WeTransfer to those that do not have an FTP app installed.