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Introducing, IndieDesk!

Need to get out of the house, but tired of doing all your work out of noisy coffee shops?

On May 16, Indie Printing will be a part of opening Indie Desk, a coworking space at the intersection of downtown’s Historic Core and Fashion District. Coworking spaces are designed to be that middle-ground between home and an office, creating a flexible place where creative people can gather to be productive, but also become a part of a community of people who are in a similar indie world.


Indie Desk, located at 816 S. Broadway, will offer a variety of work environments, all the way from cafe-style seating to cubicles. Need a conference room? We’ve got one. Need to print or scan something? We’ve got you covered. Need somewhere to get your business mail delivered? We can take care of that too.

Want to know more? Visit our new website at

“Indie Printing, Now Printing on Hemp”

We’ve been trying to get the word out about Indie Printing’s newly born Hemp Print Product Line. Hopefully you’ve heard about it by now. We’ve been actively promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr as well as print publications LA Weekly and THC Expose. The reason we’re trying to spread the word about our Hemp line is not to make money(believe me the margins are tiny), our agenda is to showcase Hemp as an alternative for products traditional produced using tree pulp as well as the simple reasoning that it looks gorgeous and is unique. We’ve received tons of support from graphic designers, the medical marijuana advocates, our environmental buddies and several clients who all agree that Hemp is both aesthetically appealing and responsible.

Hemp is a faster growing plant, requires very little to no pesticides for it’s growth, enriches the soil it grows in, not to mention its Gorgeous! Made up of post-consumer(recycled) fibers and hemp, our hemp print products are TREE FREE, meaning there is no virgin tree fiber used in producing the paper for your printed hemp product. Combined with the obvious soy based inks, our Hemp line is truly the best possible scenario if your looking for a “green” print alternative. Since harvesting hemp is illegal in the U.S., our hemp is as local as it comes…Canada! So we’re happy we can still support a North America supplier.
So far we’ve printed hangtags, posters, bookmarks and a slew of postcards, and business cards on hemp. We’re shocked to find that no other professional printing company is offering a Hemp Print Product line in the entire country, if not the world. It’s a bitter sweet first for us, as we hope other printers will start to think about hemp as an alternative. Whether you choose to use Indie Printing or another printer, look into using hemp as an alternative for not just paper printing, but also for apparel and any other industry where tree fibers are being used.

People are loving it, and we hope the momentum continues. Feel free to stop in, call, or e-mail for samples of our Hemp products. Don’t forget to follow our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr where we often showcase our “Cool Print Projects,” which of course include our Hemp Print Product Line.

Currently we are offering the following specials on hemp.

Hemp Business cards (full color on both sides): 500 for $125 or 1,000 for $175

Hemp Postcards (full color on both sides): 500 for $199 or 1,000 for $275

New Blog location and Design

We’ve just finished integrating our site design into our new blog. Here you will see updates and news from our company. So, become our friend on Twitter and join our RSS feed.

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Local Communities Get Their Bilingual Fix from Best Friends Animal Society

fixnation1Earlier this month, Indie Printing had the pleasure of working yet again with Best Friends Animal Society on their new outreach program called FixNation. Best Friends Los Angeles is gearing up for a large scale, door-to-door marketing campaign to promote its FixNation facility located in Burbank, CA.

FixNation is a non-profit organization, which seeks to make a large dent in controlling the population of feral cats by promoting adoption, encouraging spay/neuter and by offering low cost sterilization to low-income families.

FixNation’s primary mission is to reduce the population of homeless cats by sterilizing as many as possible. Sterilizing feral cats puts an end to their ability to reproduce, which prevents new litters from being born, and helps lower the number of animals being euthanized in city animal shelters every year. Read More »